Posted on February 19, 2015

Triangles of colour explored in oil pastels

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about COLOUR and PATTERN.

And I’ve been experimenting with different art mediums such as ink, oil pastels, collage, watercolour, pencil drawing and art journaling.

In this fun and simple piece I used colours I was drawn to, starting with the purple/indigo, then the electric blue, the sea-green, the teal, baby pink, bright pink, grey and orange.

I considered keeping to a restricted palette, but that’s just not really me.

Vivid Triangles in Oil PastelsVivid Triangles in Oil Pastels

I liked the contrast of coloured-in triangles and outlined triangles that are left empty inside. I like the use of negative space. Then I thought about adding another shape inside the empty triangles and colouring that in, but I held back. And I’m glad I did.

I wasn’t trying to be super-neat, but I think this piece is quite neat (for me; the girl who LOVES ripped edges and skew-whiff and off-centre.)

I liked the feel of the oil pastels. They’re like crayons with an added depth of colour that retains a child-like impression on the paper. Or maybe that’s just in my amateur hands?

But I felt exotic and vibrant and illicit and colourful…

While I was drawing I thought of colouring in as a child and creative freedoms and then adult freedoms – the fact that I have the freedom as an adult to choose to do stuff like this or anything else that takes my fancy. Liberty. A simple word with a huge impact.

Then I thought of see-saws and fairgrounds and IKEA and balloons and wine gums in crinkly packets. Of the favourite orange tights I had as a child and how I couldn’t really say the word ‘orange’. That colour and shape and pattern play such an important part in shaping our consciousness; our waking worlds, through the objects and advertising and packaging and designs that surrounds us.

I think colour and pattern have almost as much emotional resonance as music or scent to transport us back to a memory or another time and place. Except because these things fall into the visual realm they get greyed out by all the other things we ‘see’.

What do you think of when you imagine the colour ‘orange’?

Can you taste orange juice in a kind of synaesthesia response, or do you simply picture a nice juicy orange?

When I explored this colour palette (thanks Pip!), I discovered I was a mix of Plum Gorgeous, Theme 299 and Invitaciones. Good to know.

And just for fun, here’s the same image with an inversed, black background. I quite like it! It reminds me of bonfire night wax-relief paintings I did at school:

Vivid Triangles in Oil Pastels (Inversed)

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  • Reply Karen February 22, 2015 at 5:53 am

    Gotta love those oil pastels! Great pallette x
    Karen recently posted…Hawaii PicsMy Profile

    • Reply daintydora February 22, 2015 at 6:55 pm

      It was a really fun exercise and yes, I’m loving the experimentation with different materials. I’ll be using the oil pastels a lot more I think! x

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