Posted on January 7, 2016

To the Future!

It’s almost a week into the new year and I haven’t made any resolutions.

I’ve asked a few people about theirs but am sensing a general lack of enthusiasm for making big statements of intention or action until the fug of festive over-indulgence subsides.

But then I saw this quote (thanks to Daneille LaPorte) and found it apt (particularly if you swap out ‘revolutions’ and replace it with ‘resolutions’):

It is not revolutions and upheavals that clear the road to better days, but revelations, and lavishness of someone’s soul inspired, and ablaze. Boris Pasternak, poet

Isn’t that amazing?

And talking of apt, which is only a word-game-teaser away from ‘app’, I just downloaded the #TruthBomb app which provides a daily dose of inspiration and wisdom. Today’s gem is:

Be proud of what you love

That’s interesting, because it taps into things like career and hobbies, relationships, homes, choices, preferences.

Everyone is unique, of course we know that already, but what makes us happy is unique too.

How we spend our time, especially our spare time, is a sacred and treasured thing and that little #TruthBomb reminded me that it’s OK if I want to declutter a cupboard or sort through old photos – if it makes me happy. I don’t need to try to ‘fit in’ or denounce my favourite, geeky activities in front of others. I’m OCD, a bit socially awkward and people find me strange. Whatever. I’m happy!

Gretchen Ruben, another favourite inspiration-maven of mine, talks about the Four Tendencies; a framework for understanding yourself and how/why you react or deal with things the way you do. I’m an Upholder. It was surprising to learn that about myself, but also, maybe not so surprising after all?

This year, I’m taking ownership of the things I love, while getting to know myself better all the time, and understand the flip side: the things that I don’t love. It’s truly empowering to know yourself.

To the Future! 2016

I’ve started a January declutter – both physical and digital, and I found this sketch that I’d doodled last year as part of the TinkerSketch challenge (which started nearly a year ago – wow!)

I’d forgotten all about it, which is the beauty of sorting and sifting through things now and then, and this also feels very ‘apt’ for the start of the year.

I’m excited about the year ahead, and ready to achieve things. Lots of things. My wildest dreams. (Thursday’s child has far to go…)

I’m reading about magic and receiving Notes from the Universe and I’ve sent an encouraging and inspirational letter to the FutureMe. It’s been fun!

So: to the future, together, doing the things we love in 2016.


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  • Reply Gill Welch January 8, 2016 at 8:29 am

    What a wonderful post Rebecca – & what a great app! Your little watercolour is so pretty – you’re absolutely right it is ‘truly empowering to know yourself’! I hope 2016 lets you achieve your wildest dreams and more! Gillx
    Gill Welch recently posted…New Theme: CanapéMy Profile

    • Reply daintydora January 8, 2016 at 9:20 am

      Thanks so much Gill! Delighted to have inspired you and also spread the word about all the amazing tools that inspire me. Wishing you much creativity, happiness and success in 2016 xx

  • Reply Nicole January 11, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    Love your painting! Such good timing to find it now, as it is perfect for the start of a new year! Onwards and upwards! Bring on 2016!
    Nicole recently posted…Taking Stock – JanuaryMy Profile

    • Reply daintydora January 12, 2016 at 10:28 am

      Thanks so much, and yes, great timing. Onwards to the future and wonder of 2016! :)

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