Posted on December 1, 2015

Thoughts of Advent

So the 1st December has rolled around again; the first day of Advent.

I can’t believe it’s a year today that I launched this blog, and published my first post showcasing the Christmas Stocking Advent Bunting that I’d been working on for weeks.

Christmas Stocking Advent Bunting

I’ll never forget how to make a lined Christmas stocking (after sewing 50 stocking shapes to make the outer design and also the lining). But it was worth it. It was made with love as a gift for my Mum, with the idea that she could bring it out each year. An advent heirloom.

This year I haven’t done anything so ambitious, thinking the stocking bunting would be the new eco way to enjoy advent, but, but, I couldn’t resist buying my Mum a real calendar too.

It’s a fun family tradition, and she in turn surprised me with this beautiful, traditional scene (the rocking horse! the dog!):

Advent Calendar 2015

My perennial image of Christmas is of a roaring log fire, a beautifully decorated fir-tree, candles lit, stockings hung, presents wrapped and a glass of sherry, mince pies and a few carrots left out for Santa and Rudolf.

It’s a bit of a naive image perhaps, rose-tinted and conjuring old-fashioned films like The Railway Children (I still cry when I watch it – always the sequence on the platform at the end when the steam from the train clears and… sob), but it’s how I love to think of this magical time of year: a big Victorian influence, and not a hint of chocolate in sight.

So behind the door for today: an image of Santa reading a letter, presumably a Christmas list from a child.

Advent Calendar 1st December 2015

I remember once asking for a piano…

I’d never showed any inclination for playing the piano, I think I was just trying to test Santa’s ‘skills’ in getting a piano down the chimney. (I don’t think he has so much trouble these days with electronic gadgets.)

And just in time for advent, it’s snowing on my blog. Perhaps outside soon too?

Last night I heated mince pies in the oven and the lovely scent of the pastry and spices filled the house.

I think it’s time to get out the Christmas music. Am I the only one who hasn’t ‘given in’ and put their decorations up yet?!

Check out my Christmas category to see the projects and ideas I featured last year, my favourite being the Christmas bauble wreath.

Do you have special advent traditions?


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