Posted on May 6, 2015

The future will be confusing

I saw this neon sign at the Arches in Glasgow a few weeks ago: ‘the future will be confusing’, and I think it’s apt for now with the general election here in the UK, tomorrow.

the future will be confusing

This photograph is not so great – the lights blurred a bit and I had to zoom in to get it at all (on my mobile phone…)

But I like the colours. It’s like a colour therapy and an art installation all at once.

I feel like it’s saying to me:

Find your colour. Listen to your instinct. Everything is confusing. It’s OK.

I’ve been confused on how to vote. I’ve considered not voting as a ‘protest’. But what will that achieve? So I’m 100% sure I’m going to vote and 99% sure who I’m going to vote for.

And I’ll be writing about it for the Mass Observation Archive.

The work is by Tim Etchells and I like how in his url his firstname and lastname run together to form the word ‘TIME'(tchells).

The time is now (well, tomorrow May 7th 2015.)


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