Posted on June 2, 2015

Shiny Rotten Tomatoes – TinkerSketch #2

When I woke up yesterday morning my voice was but a croaky frog, squeaking and squawking in morse code from a distant drain. And it rained a lot. So not a great start to the first day of June/’summer’ in the UK.

I couldn’t focus on anything I wanted to do because I had that spaced-out, candyfloss-in-my-head sensation and so I busied myself with routine and household chores.

That was until night-time fell and a spark of creativity inspired me and I knew I was going to join in with the TinkerSketch challenge for June.

Day 1 was ‘Fruit’ and I found these tomatoes calling to me:

I previously enjoyed the daily sketching prompts of TinkerSketch in February, so I’m looking forward to the creativity and inspiration that June will bring.

And the tomatoes were not rotten at all but beautifully ripe and shiny.

In fact, getting out my watercolour pencils and brush to sketch them out, I felt a lot less ‘rotten’ myself, and like I’d created *something*, that I’d accomplished something, albeit smalland re-joined a colourful and creative TinkerSketch community.

Creativity is a tonic and a medicine.

And it doesn’t require comrades or talking or interaction, although that can be fun sometimes too!

Find out what’s it’s all about and join in on Instagram.


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