Posted on February 10, 2015

Patterns in the mould

So we had a crack in our chimney a few years back, and it resulted in dampness appearing on the chimney wall inside. Eurgh.

Images in the Mould

It was one of only two walls in the whole house that we’d opted for wallpaper rather than paint. The wallpaper was cream with birds of paradise and exotic flowers etched out in silver. It was beautiful and delicate with a calming repetition.

Until the dampness bubbled under, slowly, over a period of weeks and months, leaving dark shadows in the cream, like sharks cruising a shoreline.

We left the wallpaper because we couldn’t bear to tear it down.

Images in the Mould Images in the Mould

Recently I realised I had no choice but to rip the wallpaper away.

I was confronted with a squatter-esque mosaic of ripped wallpaper and lining paper and wall and everything underneath, which also happened to be this patch of black mould. It’s quite attractive isn’t it?

I mean, I know that it is mould and it is black and probably harmful and it might spread, but I thought it was worth capturing in photographic form.

If you look closely, can you see a killer whale there at the top right of the black swirl? I also found an owl, a koala bear hugging a tree, a satellite picture of a weather front, possibly a womb, and then looking to the side, an abstract rabbit or hare, ears pricked, in the smudgy fudge of plaster.

What else can you see?

I can see it now: ‘Mould Art’ takes the world by storm…

Check out this ‘magical contamination‘ and read about Valentine’s cards made from pink mould.

Mould and romance; the perfect combination.

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