Posted on June 27, 2016

For the love of badgers!

National Badger Week is here – who knew this was even a thing?

National Badger Week is a celebration of one of the UK’s most favourite and unique mammals. The Badger Trust

I love badgers – their distinctive markings, their nocturnal foraging, their cute but vicious reputation, the secretive social burrow of ‘the sett’, and the verb-isation of their kin.

How do I like ‘to badger‘ people with my chatter? Oh let me count the ways…

Badgers for National Badger Week 2016And a few badger-facts:

  • This nocturnal mammal has distinctive black and white stripes on its face, and can be seen in various areas across the UK.
  • Badgers are large mammals, growing up to one metre long, with a short body and tail. They are related to weasels and stoats.
  • Badger footprints are very distinctive, with five toe pads and visible claw marks.
  • The name badger is thought to have derived from the French ‘bêcheur’, meaning ‘digger’. Its strong, muscular body, short legs and long claws reflect its burrowing habits.
  • Scientific name: Meles meles

A handsome badger for National Badger Week 2016I don’t personally make anything in the representation of a badger, but loads of people do so I’ve made a Pinterest board of finds that I love in celebration of my favourite black and white foragers.

Two of these plates are by Jimboart and I love them! The pink plate was a gift.

Badger plates in celebration of National Badger Week 2016And finally, in case you spot a wild badger, here’s a tip on feeding from the Woodland Trust:

Piling food in a heap on your patio does make life easier for badgers, but you may find it more interesting to scatter food across the lawn.


There’s even a video of Bill Oddie talking about badgers. (Weirdly, I have his autograph…)

Let me know if you’re doing anything badger-related this week :)

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