Posted on December 2, 2014

Collage Club: WOMAN

I love documenting ideas and thoughts and keeping a visual diary as I ‘scrapbook the everyday’.

And now I’ve experienced my first foray into collage with the theme of ‘Woman’ thanks to Shani at the dazzling, creative wonder that is Rare Pear Studio, and the collective inspiration of the Blog with Pip ‘Collage Club’.

Collage on the theme of 'Woman'

‘Woman’. Wow. So many possibilities.

My preferred medium is always words. Of course. So I started there, brainstorming all the word associations that came to me when I think of ‘woman’ and what being a woman means to me.

Here goes:

Trees, growth, strength, connections, memories, stories, conversations, discoveries, rivers, oceans, tides, the sea, mermaids, serenity, storms, emotions, life, love, joy, knowledge, ideas, sparks, wisdom, treasure, jewels, emeralds, diamonds, gold, silver, sequins, pearls, rubies, truth, time, talk, chatter, light, dark, mystery, depth, layers, power, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, sparks, shimmer, water, blue, green, aquamarine…

And that was just the first few seconds.

But it was where I wanted to start – with the sea and a beautiful tree with the map of its life and its ‘fruit of knowledge’ shining through, glittering.

And the jewels of the sea and the layers and mystery of it that can never truly be known to man(kind) showing the stormy side of the emotions every woman goes through in her life, but also the beautiful, shimmering quiet calm of the serenity and acceptance and peace of happiness and joy and love and the power of knowing who you are and where you are going, encompassing all that has gone before. Oil on water. Magical depths.

I used an over-exposed photograph of trees in the park, a map of St Andrews, tissue paper and wrapping paper I had received gifts in (ever conscious of up-cycling and creative recycling), PVA glue, curvy-edged scissors, sequins, letter stencils, rubber stamps and silver ink. I found I had to edit the letters in Photoshop as you couldn’t really see them in the silver, so this is also my first ‘hybrid’ paper/digital collage.

I wanted to pick out a word from my list to spell out the theme. Very literal, I know, but I felt I needed context to tie it all together. Maybe I did, and maybe I didn’t.

But I just did it and I’m happy with my first attempt for my ‘Collage Club’ friends in the sisterhood that is Blog with Pip. No woman is an island.

This post was originally published on my blog The Magpie Diaries.


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