Posted on December 2, 2014

Collage Club: HOME

HOME is a great theme with so many connotations and tangents to inspire a collage. Only I found it very difficult to get creative for some reason.

Love, joy, warmth, wood, fire, cosy, tea, relaxed, safe, secure, happiness, laughter, shelter, nest, burrow, hive, sett, warren…

I wanted to do something a bit different than an image of a house and hearts, but in the end, these are the things that I was drawn to and I think that’s ok. And I think that’s what ‘home’ means to me.

Collage Club 'Home' theme

The image above was made using woven strips of paper printed with a wooden grain, stamps for windows and an image of a cup of tea for a door (welcome to my house of tea…). The coloured postcard is from Rothesay, sent to me by my Mother after a recent trip there. It was a late addition and I think it fits very nicely in terms of colours and the scene it depicts.

Initially disappointed that I hadn’t articulated any great artful message in my first collage, (I was thinking along the lines of Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’, of windows and doors in the sky, of Dali, silver-lined clouds, secret nests, a dazzling paradise in a faraway world…), I attempted another collage, this time with ripped up plain white paper and written words that I associated with the theme of home amidst the weave, but it felt messy and just too much.

So third time lucky I tried it with thinner strips of paper that I cut with scissors in a palette of red and pink and in a very clear and simple graphic style that is quite different to my usual busy and ‘more is more’ approach.

Collage Club 'Home' theme take two

I really love this second image. My favourite part is the smoke from the chimney.

I picked just three words to sum up this theme: love, joy, warmth, and stencilled them into the woven house of red and pink.

Two collages for August. Perhaps the hidden message is that we all need two homes, or that there is a home in our head and a home in our hearts? Perhaps there is also a more elusive ‘home’ that is our spirit that we can never truly capture or articulate in a simple collage, or even in words?

This month’s collage theme and link up was chosen by and is hosted by Deb who blogs at Sew Crafty Goodness. View the other creative interpretations here.

This post was originally published on my blog The Magpie Diaries.


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