Posted on December 16, 2014

Christmas Bauble Wreath

I am so excited to share this bauble wreath, because it was so quick and easy to make, and cost next to nothing.

Christmas Bauble Wreath

Inspired by an image  I originally saw in Pretty Nostalgic magazine last year (Issue 10, page 19, a feature on Kate and Adam from My Vintage Life), I thought: I could do that.

Christmas Bauble Wreath

I didn’t look up any tips online or instructional videos on YouTube, but just grabbed a few thin wire hangers (the kind you get back from the dry cleaners), and started moulding them into a circle.

I kept one hanger with the hook still on, and cut the surplus hooks off with pliers. Then with gold wire that I had in my craft box (you could use thin ribbon instead, or wool), I started tying baubles onto the wire frame at random, building up the layers.

It looked a bit rubbish at first. Forlorn and home-made and amateur-hour, but these things require a bit of creative thinking and vision.

It needed the fullness of completion. A feast of shapes and colours. New and vintage baubles. Big and small. Bells and stars. Red, green, pink, gold, blue, silver, white…

Christmas Bauble Wreath Christmas Bauble Wreath Christmas Bauble Wreath

I got lost in the flow of winding and creating and imagining. (This is a great activity to do while watching a fav Christmas film).

My stock of Christmas decorations had been slowly increasing to the point where I was going to give away the surplus baubles that had no real provenance or sentimental significance.

But instead, now: WOW.

I am so proud of how my Christmas bauble wreath looks. And the best thing is, I made it from things I already had, creatively, so it cost nothing extra.

I want to highlight the white glittery snowballs. These have been in my family since the 80’s, and I remember them from my very first Christmases as a child. They have little bells on the bottom and holly on the top, and are a bit naff now, but I love that I have preserved them in a new heirloom Christmas decoration.

If I hadn’t upcycled them into this wreath, I think I’d have ended up getting rid of them, which would have been such a shame. They’re much easier to pack away in wreath form too!

Christmas Bauble Wreath

It was fun to make; deciding on which colours to group together, choosing different sizes and throwing in the odd gold star or acorn or little bell.

I made this Christmas Wreath Bauble last year, and posted this story on the blog I had at the time.

Unpacking it again for Christmas 2014 was a real delight as I remembered the creative process of choosing the baubles, and the uncertainty of whether it was going to work out or not. It felt so special and festive that I wanted to share it again here to inspire others.

And the great thing is – there’s still plenty of time to make one. Or more…

Give it a go. I’d love to see the results!


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