Posted on December 3, 2014

Cherry Blossom Christmas Light

I’m behind with my Christmas prep even though it’s only 3rd December.

I’ve seen Christmas trees in people’s windows and on social media. Christmas is all around me, and it’s definitely in my head, but not so much in my house.

I planned this year not to have a Christmas tree (sharp intake of breath). And all my decorations are all still neatly packed away in the loft.

But it’s OK.

Because my Mum put this little Cherry Blossom light away for me last year, and she’s a bit more organised than me. All I need to do is switch it on and the pretty red light emits a festive enchantment all around my living room (which happens to also feature a red leather couch, adding to the festive aura).

Cherry Blossom Festive Light

For me, this festive Cherry Blossom light conjures the opening scene of Morvern Callar, where Morvern finds the body of her boyfriend, dead, amidst the flashing lights of the Christmas tree. And then she notices the computer screen, also flickering away, and his completed manuscript, waiting there for her to find it.

Perhaps that is a bit morbid for this time of year, but I loved that film and find the effervescence of fairy lights and coloured lights to always be cheerful, uplifting and inspiring. And although I love traditions, I also enjoy deviations sometimes too.

It’s probably an inherent childhood wonder, harking back to my first memories of Christmas. I remember the ‘annual detangle’ of multiple sets of lights (always, of course), my particular favourites being heavy leaded glass lanterns that you just wouldn’t see with all the plastic LED lights. Perhaps Liberty in London sell a fabulous set though, or a fancy up-town store in New York? I hope so.

The uplifting message for today then is: it’s not too late to get festive, less is sometimes more (even at Christmas), and I have a creative plan to craft my own centre-piece tree without buying one (or digging one up, or stealing). I can’t wait to try it and showcase it here!


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