Christmas Stocking Advent Bunting

On the first day of Advent my true love gave to me...

Christmas Stocking Advent Bunting

Each Christmas, as a bit of a family tradition that has continued into adulthood, my Mum and I always buy each other an advent calendar. Not chocolate advent calendars (though that did happen one year due to leaving it all a bit late), but advent calendars with beautiful Christmas scenes such as a festive woodland or an old fashioned Victorian house.

One year in a bid to be eco and ethical and to create an 'heirloom' experience, my Mum got me a beautiful wooden advent calendar. It's shaped like a Christmas tree with small wooden numbers to hang onto the tree, which are kept in Santa's sleigh wrapped up like presents until their date arrives.

I loved the idea and the thinking behind it, but I really missed the joy of opening the little doors each morning and trying to guess what might come next. (I know. I'm in my thirties now. I need to move on.)

But I think Christmas is a time when it's OK to regress a little to childhood. And despite my best efforts to declutter, I like to keep my advent calendar each year so that when I get out my box of Christmas decorations and wrappings, I rediscover each year in advent too. It's a bit like a ready-made journal of Christmas past - one was a fold-out book with a little inscription.

This year however I have made my own heirloom version with this Christmas Stocking Advent Bunting.

I bought the fabric as a pre-printed panel of little stockings, and then cut out each stocking shape and lining, and then sew each tiny stocking together.

Each process had to be done 5o times - 25 outer stockings and 25 linings - which all had to be sewn up separately and then ironed and turned and ironed again and snipped and then sewn together and ironed again.

It was a big job. In fact, I think if I had realised just how big a job it would be, I might not have done it. But I'm glad I did because now I have this beautiful gift to give to my Mum for Advent, crafted with love.

Christmas Stocking Advent BuntingChristmas Stocking Advent BuntingChristmas Stocking Advent Bunting

Some other great advent calendar makes from around the web:

Christmas Stocking Advent Bunting

I spotted a magnificent Advent calendar in a little religious shop in Helsinki earlier in the year, but unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. It was at least A2 in size, glittery, and featured an enchanting and detailed scene with a beautiful church.

I would have bought one but they were very expensive, (and it was July).

What Christmas and Advent traditions do you have?

Do you make/craft a unique Advent calendar, or love to choose a beautiful festive scene?

Christmas Stocking Advent Bunting