A new design-direction for me sees more of my HIGHLAND COLLECTION spring to vibrant life, featuring my photography of the CAIRNGORM MOUNTAIN in the Scottish Highlands.

Rebecca Johnstone Cairngorms - Pink
Rebecca Johnstone Cairngorms - Blue
Rebecca Johnstone Cairngorms - Purple + Lime

I love the bright saturation of colour that makes the nooks and crags of the Cairngorm mountain really sing. The Highland Cows (hi Henry! hi Henrietta!) have also taken on more adventurous personalities.

Rebecca Johnstone Highland Cow
Rebecca Johnstone Highland Cow - Blue

Using photographs from a trip up the CAIRNGORM on the Furnicular Mountain Railway (sadly, not currently in operation) last autumn, I was able to create these designs this week in time to enter them into the Wraptious Competition.

I’ve mentioned this competition before and it is a great kick-starter for the imagination - a deadline, a creative challenge. And anything goes.

Once uploaded, you get to see your designs mocked-up as square prints, canvas prints and on cushions, with customers able to purchase them for a limited time only (until 24th June 2019). It’s all very exciting.

I think my Highland Cows are rocking the cushion mock-ups!

What do you think? Would you welcome these designs into your home?

They would sit nicely in a contemporary living room or open plan kitchen/dining space i think. I quite fancy the blue cow for a bedroom too?

Find out more + purchase options on Wraptious. (The cushions are made with velvety vegan-suede…)

Please also ‘like’ and ‘share’ on their Facebook page if you genuinely like these designs - these actions = points in the competition!

Thank you for your support :)

Above was the view down the mountain about halfway through our descent. We also spotted some reindeer off in the distance, but not close enough to get a good photograph unfortunately. Another time?

Below, the minty green sky that melts into the landscape has to be my favourite. It speaks of a faraway place with no interruptions, clean, fresh air and a grounding, yet buoyant perspective. What do you see?

Rebecca Johnstone Highland Cow - Blue - Canvas Print