My last collage was for the theme of 'YELLOW', then I missed a few. July's theme is 'STRIPES'.

Geometrics are definite, daring and inspiring.

When I think 'stripes' the image in my head is of a stereotypical French person in a long-sleeved Breton top. With onions. I also think of zebras.

Keeping it strictly fashion, the centrepiece of this collage is an illustration by René Gruau. J'adore.

COLLAGE CLUB 'Stripes' collage, July 2016I think she's chic, sophisticated and up to date on the latest trends, stripes or otherwise. And she's a jet-setter, oh yeah.

Beirut, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Hollywood in Cambodia...

Everything else is just, you know? BLAH.

COLLAGE CLUB 'Stripes' collage, July 2016There's another page to this month's collage too.

I was going to create the male counterpart to René's exotic, striped lady. But I never got that far.

I'm including him anyway because...striped shirt and shades.

COLLAGE CLUB 'Stripes' collage, July 2016Find out more and join The Collage Club - creative prizes are up for grabs every month.

PS. Vertical City - does that exist? I think I'd like to visit, being tall and all.


Yellow is the colour of sunshine, Spring and Summer. Yellow means hope and happiness and buttercups and a host of golden daffodils.

Yellow is egg yolks on a winter morn, new ideas at dawn.

Yellow is the great communicator and loves to talk.

Yellow is the color of the networker and the journalist.

Yellow is the scientist; methodical and decisive.

Yellow is the entertainer, the comic, the clown.

And YELLOW is the April theme/prompt for The Collage Club.

YELLOW themed collage

I had lots of cuttings and ideas when I first sat down to make this collage, but somehow I couldn't bring them all together in a cohesive image. Today was the day. A golden beam of sunshine helped.

It ended up about photography, specifically that of models for portrait shots, 'Empire Studios' touting for business, the camera finding little jewels of light, the magic in the moment, and yet does it ever really capture the truth of beauty or the beauty of truth?

Let's at least put our best foot forward...

YELLOW themed collage

My second collage for YELLOW is again inspired by fashion, by models on the catwalk and the glamour of it all.

It's all a 'Pursuit of Happiness' - of looking good, finding the right angle, the perfect smile, of inspiring emulation and adoration. Yet all the striving turns the final 'model shot' into a falsehood, the flash of the camera projecting an unreality.

Models have freely admitted 'they couldn't look as good as themselves' in their off-catwalk life, without make-up artists, hairdressers, airbrushing, photoshopping, primping, preening.

I also read in a 'vintage' Vogue fashion book that at one time the colour yellow, or specifically a yellow dress, was something suitable for wear only by a whore, a prostitute, a hooker...

This quote from Andy Warhol's POPism seems a fitting antidote from it all:

Now and then someone would accuse me of being evil - of letting people destroy themselves while I watched, just so I could film them and tape record them. But I don't think of myself as evil, just realistic."

Click! Click! Snap!

POP goes the weasel. That's a wrap.

Who knew yellow could get so dark?

(There's a donut and a parrot though. And a yellow Biba dress...)

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The Magic Eye

Last week I posted my first 'Happy' pages for the Get Messy Art Journal 'Season of Happy'...but this week I found myself drawn back to the merry-go-round of MAGIC. These pages are more like collages as there is not much journaling. Sometimes you just need to go with that (and I've left spaces to go back and journal in the gaps).

'Magic' Art Journal/Collage Pages

Birds, ravens, hawks, eagles - harbingers of the dark arts?

'Magic' Art Journal/Collage Pages

I've used the little scraps and torn papers from the creation of other pages to create a 'collage of magic'. I particularly love the over-exposed fisheye print of the woodland path at Jupiter Artland...

'Magic' Art Journal/Collage Pages

When I was growing up, my Nana always had a 'magic eye' to see what I was doing and achievements at school.

Obviously it was really my Mum telling her things, but I love the idea of the magic eye because it made me feel special, like I had a secret, and that my Nana was watching when I first learnt to swim (she was a professional lifeguard).

I still believe in the magic eye, and there is a lot of imagery dedicated to the symbol of the eye in different religions as well as in ideology of clairvoyance, crystal balls, tarot, etc.

'Magic' Art Journal/Collage Pages

I love the quote in the image above, and the idea of 'seeing with your heart' which becomes an inner eye:

Magic is the simple act of believing what our hearts already know to be true."

'Magic' Art Journal/Collage Pages

This image is inspired by the paper theatre that made me think of Punch & Judy and other magic/illusion shows, where we believe what our eyes see (and the magic is what is hidden).

I love the circles of colour that conjure the madness and energy of the circus. The cut-out reflective sheet hints at the gaps in what is seen and what is invisible, as well as the hoops acrobat performers use in their acts when suspended in mid-air.

'Magic' Art Journal/Collage Pages

I'm a bit obsessed with the idea of cut-off legs, feet and shoes like this post inspired by Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

The anklet clock makes me think of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland while the image overall reminds me how fantastical and surreal dreams can be.

'Magic' Art Journal/Collage Pages

Finally, another 'collage of magic' pieces with stars, glitter, smoke, birds, a gargoyle, another foggy woodland print and more feet in Dorothy-esque glitter slippers.

Have a magical, colourful, inspiring and creative weekend!