Surround yourself with beauty (it's your duty)

Surround yourself with beauty for creativity quote

While looking through a scrapbook I made last year, I found this quote that I'd ripped from a magazine and stuck into the front page (with blue tac, not glue, and so you can see the little dots!). And it hit me all over again with its simple yet profound message which is just SO TRUE.

To deny yourself the delicious pleasure of immersing in creative and inspiring pursuits is just as important for nurturing the (creative) soul as it is to wrap up warm when it's cold outside, eat well or get enough sleep.

It's a life-blood for those with so much inside them that they need and want to express, it would be like death to be denied that joy.

Give yourself permission to tap into the things that make your heart sing and keep striving towards your creative goals, because:

If you are a creative person and want to be happy, it is up to you to push yourself and surround yourself with beauty

And if you think you'll start tomorrow instead because it's a bit late in the day and you don't really feel like it and it's too late to really achieve much, read this from the fabulous Alexandra Franzen.

Here's to inspiration, inner and outer beauty, and nurturing the creative soul. Everyday, all the time.