My Favourite TinkerSketch Challenges

I completed my 28th TinkerSketch challenge a week ago, and have missed the daily rhythm of it since I stopped. Here's some of my favourite prompts and how I interpreted them:

A new set of prompts was released for March, but I was away from home when it started so I never really got off the ground. And I realised about myself recently that I'm an Upholder  -  I like to 'complete' a challenge; I can't just let myself dip in.

And that's how I read magazines too. From the first page to the last. Occasionally I'll flick to the back page, but I like to know I've 'seen' each page, absorbed all there is to know, and in the right order.

I know that is a strange OCD thing, but I can't really change my nature. And the upshot is I haven't joined in with TinkerSketch for March.

Don't worry though - I have loads of other creative challenges to keep me occupied!

I loved connecting with loads of new creatives and so enjoyed the process of thinking how I would interpret each prompt, and then ensuring I found the time - mostly just 5-10 minutes at the start or end of the day - to join in with the fun on Instagram.

If it wasn't for TinkerSketch I would never have rediscovered the joy of drawing or reconnected with that side of my creativity.

I bought new materials. I got immersed.

Already I'm looking forward to next year!

TinkerSketch Drawing Challenge - February 2015

TinkerSketch Day 2 drawing: Mirror

I've just started a month-long sketchbook challenge called TinkerSketch.

TinkerSketch is a daily sketchbook practice that invites you to experiment and play with ideas and materials in a low-stress, fun, and mind-stretching way.

It's really working to add a few minutes of doodling/drawing to my day. There are 28 inspiring prompts to draw for the month of February.

Yesterday was 'stripes'. I responded by drawing simple undulating lines in turquoise blue and purple, reminiscent of the sea (though I didn't plan that or know what it would be when I started!)

Today is 'mirror'. I went very literal and sketched an outline of the little hand mirror I keep in my desk tidy. It feels very 'through the looking glass';  like something from a fairytale.

It's not too late to join in and experience your own super-creative February. Seeing how others interpret each prompt is so interesting.

Find out all the details here, and follow my progress on Instagram here.

Meanwhile, check out my first watercolour doodle in decades, rapidly scribbled out before Christmas. Drawing is addictive!

Holly Leaves Watercolour Sketch

I haven't drawn in years, but I loved art at school. A few months ago I bought some watercolour pencils in the sale. And today I finally got them out.

Holly Leaf Sketch

I was inspired by the holly leaves on so many Christmas cards and on tins and wrapping paper, so I quickly sketched out this holly leaf and it's lovely bright red berries.

I'd wanted to sketch the autumn leaves and twigs and toadstools, but time just seemed to slip away. Today I had 23 minutes left before the washing machine finished its cycle, and so I just thought I'd have a go. And that's how long it took.

It's not perfect and I'm out of practice, but I intend to do more.

Update- I've since used this single motif in a surface pattern repeat:

Ditzy Holly (White) Surface Pattern Design

Nothing is ever wasted when it comes to creative work!