My Favourite TinkerSketch Challenges

I completed my 28th TinkerSketch challenge a week ago, and have missed the daily rhythm of it since I stopped. Here's some of my favourite prompts and how I interpreted them:

A new set of prompts was released for March, but I was away from home when it started so I never really got off the ground. And I realised about myself recently that I'm an Upholder  -  I like to 'complete' a challenge; I can't just let myself dip in.

And that's how I read magazines too. From the first page to the last. Occasionally I'll flick to the back page, but I like to know I've 'seen' each page, absorbed all there is to know, and in the right order.

I know that is a strange OCD thing, but I can't really change my nature. And the upshot is I haven't joined in with TinkerSketch for March.

Don't worry though - I have loads of other creative challenges to keep me occupied!

I loved connecting with loads of new creatives and so enjoyed the process of thinking how I would interpret each prompt, and then ensuring I found the time - mostly just 5-10 minutes at the start or end of the day - to join in with the fun on Instagram.

If it wasn't for TinkerSketch I would never have rediscovered the joy of drawing or reconnected with that side of my creativity.

I bought new materials. I got immersed.

Already I'm looking forward to next year!