Posted on July 24, 2015

Postcards from New Orleans

Last month my husband spent some time in the ‘Deep South’ of America.

His trip spanned several states – Georgia, Texas, Louisiana – and  I must say, I was a little jealous that I didn’t get to go too.

When he asked me if there was anything I would like him to bring back – perfume, electronics, make-up – the only thing I could think of was what I always say – pretty postcards that I can add to my ever-growing postcard archive.

I just love postcards. They’re light and cheap and fun; a teeny snapshot of a place, a photographic souvenir, particularly from a place that I haven’t yet visited myself.

So here’s my new collection of postcards from New Orleans, with a pleasing vintage aesthetic:

Postcards from New Orleans

I love the image of the gate – an invitation to travel? – and the alligator orchestra is rather quirky too. And of course, the famous Mardi Gras pageant.

The colours are vibrant within a muted palette, and they all sit nicely together. My favourite probably has to be ‘The Broadway of New Orleans’ night scene.

Night is so evocative and particularly so in a strange city full of mysteries to explore – the lights and stars and neon signs.

A nice thought for the weekend.

And if anyone wants to send me a postcard from somewhere far away, I’d love that!


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