Posted on August 7, 2015

Digital Pattern Design: Cloud Mountains

I’ve spent the morning revisiting my digital pattern design lessons (thank you Jessica Swift!), to remind myself:

a) just how much fun it is to design patterns

b) that I remembered how to do it

First off, I spent about 5 seconds drawing a scrappy image of some mountains with little clouds above:

Mountain and cloud sketch

Then I scanned these into Photoshop and tidied them up (made the lines thicker, deleted any scan-shadows and separated out the files so I could move them around independently of each other), and loaded them into Illustator.

Clouds sketch

From there I ‘live-traced’ them to make them into vector images (and therefore infinitely scale-able), and messed around with colour.

I didn’t think too long about it, and at first I was a bit disheartened by my lack of ability in drawing a-simple-mountain-that-looked-like-a-mountain.

I can draw something quite well when it is front of me – as demonstrated during my foray into the TinkerSketch challenge earlier this year –  but not so much off-the-cuff.

But I carried on, and then –

I started placing the images I had created (and duplicated at various scales), and things started taking shape. Yellow, purple, lavender, blue.

I worked to a simple straight repeat and once I’d placed each design element I went back and changed some colours, namely, adding the punchy orange-red. Wow. That helped!

The result? A fun digital pattern design tile in a straight repeat that could be printed on paper or fabric (or anything I suppose?), scaled up or down, produced in multiple colour-ways and that could form the basis of a pattern collection about mountains. That’s the really fun part!

Cloud Mountain Pattern Tile Repeat

Go climb some mountains, or bury your head in the clouds – happy Friday!


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