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Posted on February 14, 2017

A Montage of Hearts

Hearts are everywhere, especially today as it’s Valentine’s, so it feels appropriate to feature a ‘montage of hearts’ from my life, art, craft and travels over the last few years.

I’m not saying hearts are ‘inspirational’ as such, (though they can be!)  but they lead to other things and they connote other things.

Heart-warming stories that inspire the soul. Healthy ways to look after your heart. Friendship, liaisons and romance. Love, probably most of all. I heart hearts.

Valentine Hearts

I always seem to see hearts in random places. What does that say about me? Am I hell-bent on love? Am I constantly wearing rose-tinted glasses? (I can confirm that I’m definitely not!)

I’ve art-journaled with hearts for the Get Messy ‘Season of Love‘:

Valentine Hearts

These wires made a heart all by themselves:

Valentine Hearts

The soap dish was a heart-felt find:

Valentine Hearts

I knitted a heart for a LOVE blanket (sadly still a WIP…):

Valentine Hearts

And I remember making this ‘heart of scraps’ collage:

Valentine Hearts

I’ve written in the ‘language of the heart’ in my typewriter poetry available on Etsy.

Valentine Hearts

Meanwhile, my pattern ‘Scattered Hearts‘ is available to buy via Spoonflower.

'Scattered Hearts' surface design pattern

You can also buy a version of this design with a white background as prints, on home furnishings, tech and travel mugs. What’s not to love?

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

PS. Remember my ‘Timbergram of Hearts’?

Posted on February 13, 2015

Art Journaling: Dark, crazy, miserable love

A few months ago I heard about the Get Messy Art Journal challenge, and the launch of a whole new programme. So I signed up.

I already love the idea of ‘documenting my life’ through words (like keeping a diary and writing stories), as well as filling scrapbooks with day to day ephemera and bits and bobs.

Art Journaling seemed like the perfect marriage of the two threads and a way to be creatively expressive whilst not really worrying about the end result. (What happens in the art journal, stays in the art journal. Kind of...)

With Valentines’ mania all around, the first set of journaling prompts from the Get Messy group focuses on the Season of LOVE.

But not just the schmaltzy romantic side of love.

At first I was a bit stuck. I’ve never done this before and I wasn’t sure where to start. But then inspiration struck and the ideas began to flow.

This is my first attempt:

Art Journalling - LOVEArt Journalling - LOVE

There’s loads more journaling prompts to get creative with over the weekend.

See the public link-up of responses to this theme so far and register here to join in.

Posted on February 11, 2015

A Timbergram of Hearts

Last Valentine’s I bought this simple, heart-print Timbergram. The first time I’d ever seen a Timbergram was in Paris a few years ago. I love postcards and so I love the idea even more of a Timbergram postcard.

Valentine Vignette

I love that it is fun and solid and can actually be sent through the post. Though I didn’t send it. I kept it. Because I kind of didn’t buy it to send, I bought it for myself because just looking at it makes me smile.

Heart Print Timbergram

I imagine a chic character in a film sending it to a lover. An old film, possibly silent. A film from the sixties. French, of course. Art-house.

In black and white.

Heart Print Timbergram

I can imagine this person turning it over and scribbling something chic and illegible on the back.

Perhaps in gold or silver pen in a flourishing Left-bank calligraphic style, throwing it in the post box with only a lipsticked kiss and not a backward glance, despite it saying on the back to

‘Write with a biro & post as standard mail’.

Heart Print TimbergramHeart Print Timbergram Heart Print Timbergram

It would still arrive, of course. Perhaps an Amelie-style romantic would oversee the process, ensuring it was delivered wrapped in love and hearts and possibility and happy endings.

Heart Print Timbergram

Maybe I’ll send mine after all.

Maybe you should too <3

Posted on February 6, 2015

Knitting a LOVE blanket

So it’s the month of LOVE and everywhere are hearts and flowers and red and pink things. It’s a bit pukey but I love the inspiration of crafty things to make.

Last year I started knitting a ‘love blanket’ using a mix of reds and pinks and creams and greys. Again it was mainly scraps of wool or charity-shop finds. And I even knitted in some scrappy intarsia hearts.

Knitting a LOVE blanket Knitting a LOVE blanket Knitting a LOVE blanketKnitting a LOVE blanket Knitted intarsia heart

And with this blanket, I’m mainly knitting in strips. MUCH more effective!

Because you might remember the ’emotional blanket’ project, which I talked about last month, and had hoped to finish by the end of January? Read more

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